Work Stuff

I worked for a Norwegian heavy industry certification company, building models and evangelizing data science in tiny, medium and large offices around the world

DNV GL, Data Science team

I worked to distill nuggets of useful information from vast flows of marketing and sales data from online customers

Groupon, Data Science team

I went to school and learned a bunch of mathematics and computer science

SUNY University at Buffalo, PhD

I helped to build and support a resilient backend for the storage and delivery of tiny, large and huge images at scale, and used novel experimental design techniques for pricing,,, Hacker and Manager of Hackers

I learned about how routing works at internet scale, what it means to provide internet access to an entire community, the difference between supporting internet access at the commercial and residential level, and what happens if every ISP in Houston has an autoresponder with each others' autoresponder address in the CC: list.

StarNet, Insync Internet Services, Hacker and Manager of Hackers

I played with the then-new technologies of HTML and CGI, building online database interfaces from FOIA requests and the first automated online fantasy sports and NCAA basketball (March Madness) websites, along with many other silly, ephemeral, interesting, and technically demanding projects

The Arizona Daily Star, StarNet, Tucson Newspapers Inc., Hacker

I went to school for awhile and learned a bunch of mathematics and low-level unix systems administration.

University of Arizona, Undergraduate